Photos by Ryan Nicholson Photography, Kansas City, MO.
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"As pickers and string benders, these guys are first class, and their three-part singing is well bonded and moving. The album offers a fresh evocation of an old-timey musical style delivered with a high level of acumen and charm."

Texas Music Roger Wood 1/16

"The musicianship is always rich, powerful and talented, allowing the individual skills of each player to rip to the surface when needed while always remaining part of a tight, cohesive group format. As an album this works remarkably well, highlighting three wonderful US roots and blues musicians clearly ripping it up, jamming comfortably together and each and all having a ball doing it. This isĀ  a refreshingly different release bursting at the seams with rewarding music, feel and blues-flavours."

Cashbox, Canada Lain Patience 12/15

"With a touching faith in physical recordings and respect for my advanced years, folk labels send me more string band CDs than you know exist, most cheerful to doleful at best. This Memphis trio is quite a bit more. A Minus"

Expert Witness Robert Chistgau 12/15